Lucid Dreams I - 2022 - Charcoal & Acrylic On Canvas - 4 x 5Ft

Damilola Olusegun

[ ARTIST ] Damilola Olusegun Damilola Olusegun is a Nigerian based artist who possesses a strong sense of artistry thinking which is consistently displayed across all her art pieces. She creates hyper-realistic paintings and drawings on canvas. She has participated in group exhibitions locally, and internationally and has held solo exhibitions. Her artistic prowess earned […]

Frenzy - Beyond All Limits - 2019​ - Acrylic On Canvas ​- 3 x 5 Ft

Ogaga Tuodeinye

[ ARTIST ] Ogaga Tuodeinye Ogaga Tuodeinye is credited with numerous solo and group exhibitions.  Some of his solo shows includes “Ageless Beauty” at the Terra Kulture Victoria Island in 2008; “Thoughts Defined” at the Gallery San Marco Italy in 2011. Some of his group exhibitions are as listed: “Galaxy of Nigerian Artists”, at the Aaragon Gallery Lagos (1992); “Index”: A Maiden Exhibition at the Nimbus Art Centre Ikoyi (2003); “Generational Statement” at the […]

UNTITLED - 35 x 46 Inches​

Collins Obinah

[ ARTIST ] Collins Obinah Back To Artist UNTITLED – 35 x 46 Inches​ AFRICA LADY – 2019 – Oil On Canvas – 45 x 45 Inches NUDE – 2019 – Acrylic On Canvas – 35 x 45 Inches​

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Onabanjo Lekan

[ ARTIST ] Onabanjo Lekan Onabanjo is a renowned watercolour artist, who discovered a way to take watercolours and turn them into expressive forms. His inspiration to create art comes from his adventurous spirit and desire to express it. With his artworks, he challenges the viewer by incorporating both naturalistic and abstract approaches in their […]

The Masqurede - 1997 - Chalk & Oil Pastels On Black Catridge Paper - 12 x 20 Inches​

Duke Asidere

[ ARTIST ] Duke Asidere Duke Asidere was born in Lagos in 1961 and is one of Nigeria’s leading contemporary artists. Asidere’s work engages contemporary African politics. Through visual metaphors, the artist comments on the everyday human drama that surrounds him; political, social, psychological or cultural. Furthermore, he adds an element of surprise to these sketches of human drama by infusing them with irony and humour. Asidere’s broad […]

THE CUSTODIAN - 2021 - Pastel And Charcoal On Canvas - 36 x 48 inches​

Christian Allison

[ ARTIST ] Christian Allison Christian Allison is a Nigerian born artist who went from being an engineer to a full-time studio artist. He has a penchant for art which stems from his unending desire to tell stories and communicate his deep thoughts and ideas by creating two-dimensional hyper-realistic paintings and drawings on canvas or paper using […]

Sometimes Life Overwhelms Me But I Still Stand – 2021 – Oil & Acrylic On Canvas – 3Ft x 5Ft

Sor Sen

[ ARTIST ] Sor Sen Sor Sen received his training from Nigeria’s premier school of art, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, where he bagged a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts and subsequently a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in painting. Sen is interested in the human experience. He also strongly believes that his works […]

Lady In Pink Shawl - 2019 - Pastel On Paper - 46cm x 57cm

Asemokha Imomoh

[ ARTIST ] Asemokha Imomoh Asemokha Imomoh is a Nigerian based artist who obtained his BA in Fine and Applied Arts from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Asemokha’s creative path is rooted purely in his expressive power and guarded by intuition, a route he seems to have constantly re-invented through his ability for introspection. This […]

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Prince Obasi

[ ARTIST ] Prince Obasi Prince Obasi is a prolific Painter based in Nigeria. A multidisciplinary artist, who for decades, has been working with acrylic, oil and charcoal and ball pen…” My style of painting is symbiotically fused with a modern contemporary methodological approach to human portraits and figures with oil, acrylic and charcoal. My […]


Kelani Fatai

Kelani Fatai Kelani Fatai, an emerging Nigerian artist is a graduate with a Higher National Diploma in painting and he centres his works on the happenings in his surroundings, Kelani sees himself as an environmental storyteller. With several exhibitions home and abroad showing his works. Some of his works have been collected in the United States and the United Kingdom, among others.  Back […]