Girls Talk - 2021 - Acrylic On Canvas - 2.5 x 3ft

Olaosun Oluwapelumi

[ ARTIST ] Olaosun Oluwapelumi Olaosun Oluwapelumi is a Visual Artist, she graduated from Adekunle Ajasin University with a BSC in Geography and Planning Science, she’s from Osun State but currently living in Ibadan.  Over the years she gradually taught herself how to master pencil and paint as a medium to express herself. From her […]

Untitled - 2021 - Acrylic On Paper - 29.7 x 21 Cm

Blossom Oyeyipo

[ ARTIST ] Blossom Oyeyipo Blossom Oyeyipo is a visual artist living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. She graduated from Covenant University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Building Technology. She spent most of her formative years in Mother’s garden in Calabar learning, reading, painting, gardening, playing music and hosting gatherings that contribute […]

Lucid Dreams I - 2022 - Charcoal & Acrylic On Canvas - 4 x 5Ft

Damilola Olusegun

[ ARTIST ] Damilola Olusegun Damilola Olusegun is a Nigerian based artist who possesses a strong sense of artistry thinking which is consistently displayed across all her art pieces. She creates hyper-realistic paintings and drawings on canvas. She has participated in group exhibitions locally, and internationally and has held solo exhibitions. Her artistic prowess earned […]

Frenzy - Beyond All Limits - 2019​ - Acrylic On Canvas ​- 3 x 5 Ft

Ogaga Tuodeinye

[ ARTIST ] Ogaga Tuodeinye Ogaga Tuodeinye is credited with numerous solo and group exhibitions.  Some of his solo shows includes “Ageless Beauty” at the Terra Kulture Victoria Island in 2008; “Thoughts Defined” at the Gallery San Marco Italy in 2011. Some of his group exhibitions are as listed: “Galaxy of Nigerian Artists”, at the Aaragon Gallery Lagos (1992); “Index”: A Maiden Exhibition at the Nimbus Art Centre Ikoyi (2003); “Generational Statement” at the […]

Multiple Of People​ - 2008 - Acrylic On Canvas ​- 4Ft x 5Ft


[ ARTIST ] Uba-Zen Back To Artist Multiple Of People​ – 2008 – Acrylic On Canvas ​- 4Ft x 5Ft

UNTITLED - 35 x 46 Inches​

Collins Obinah

[ ARTIST ] Collins Obinah Back To Artist UNTITLED – 35 x 46 Inches​ AFRICA LADY – 2019 – Oil On Canvas – 45 x 45 Inches NUDE – 2019 – Acrylic On Canvas – 35 x 45 Inches​

Zero Prive Art Gallery

J.O Aransiola

[ ARTIST ] J.O Aransiola J.O Aransiola is a Nigerian based artist who was born with a passion for art, and as a youth, his skills generated the opportunity for him to study under the tutelage of the contemporary artist Abiodun Olaku. Aransiola uses acrylic, and multimedia to tell his stories in the style of […]

contemporary African artists

Onabanjo Lekan

[ ARTIST ] Onabanjo Lekan Onabanjo is a renowned watercolour artist, who discovered a way to take watercolours and turn them into expressive forms. His inspiration to create art comes from his adventurous spirit and desire to express it. With his artworks, he challenges the viewer by incorporating both naturalistic and abstract approaches in their […]

Gele Dun - 2018 - Metal sculpture - 2.5Ft

Tijani Ahmed

[ ARTIST ] Tijani Ahmed Back To Artist Gele Dun – 2018 – Metal sculpture – 2.5Ft Lady With The Hat – 2019 – Metal Sculpture – 2.5Ft Long Earring – 2018 – Metal Sculpture – 3Ft The Mask – 2018 – Metal Sculpture – 2.5Ft Yoruba Princess – 2016 – Metal Sculpture – 2Ft

Three African Ladies - 2013 - Acrylic on canvas - 48 x 48 Inches​

Akintoye Segun-Shiigo

[ ARTIST ] Akintoye Segun-Shiigo Painter and photographer, Segun-Shiigo is a Nigerian born artist who explores the cartographical possibilities of landscape painting by adopting a representational approach that sometimes deliberately ignores the basic principles of perspective in art. Recently, abstraction found its way into his oeuvre, suggesting the beginning of a thematic epoch in his […]