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A New Dawn for African Art:

Embrace the Legacy and Future.

Welcome to Zero Prive, an extraordinary private gallery and museum dedicated to the visionary works of Olusegun Paul Andrew and a remarkable collection of Modern African Art. Uniquely poised to transform the landscape of Modern and Contemporary African art in the 21st century, Zero Prive artfully blends the rich heritage of African culture with tribal and native expressions, challenging the trajectory of art in our digital economy.

Our mission is driven by a profound passion to unveil the pure, unadulterated beauty of African art. We strive to create a distinctive dialogue that sets us apart, celebrating the authenticity and originality of African artistry. At Zero Prive, we meticulously curate each piece, ensuring that the true essence of African culture is showcased in its most authentic form.

Our gallery is dedicated to elevating African artists to unparalleled heights of recognition and acclaim. By providing a platform that highlights the exceptional talent and creativity found within the continent, we aim to position African art on a global stage, achieving a level of superiority that is both enviable and inspiring.

Join us at Zero Prive and immerse yourself in a captivating world where traditional African sentiments meet contemporary artistic innovation. Here, every piece tells a story, and every visit is a journey through the vibrant and diverse landscape of African art. Embrace the future of African artistry with us, as we honor the past and celebrate the present, all while looking forward to a brighter, more dynamic future.

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Zero Prive is your portal to hundreds of high-quality works by modern and contemporary African artists.


Zero Prive Gallery welcomes all people to explore and experience art, creativity, and our shared humanity.

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